Multi-layering serums

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 15.08.29

I’m multi-layering serums at the moment. The yellow one right here is a VC (Vitamin C) Effector and the sea green bottle is a PO (Pore tightening) Effector. Both are from It’s Skin’s Power 10 Formula line.
Aside from extra hydration, serums treat specific skin conditions. I use the Vitamin C serum to brighten my skin and lighten pimple scars. While Vitamin C is a good treatment for sun damage, I only use it at night because at the same time, it makes skin more sensitive to sunlight.
The other one (PO effector) I use during my peel off mask and nose pack nights. I read in a skincare website before that peel off masks, while effective in removing deep dirt and blackheads, can leave your pores open so it’s important to moisturize to tighten them afterwards.

So far, so good. I’ve been using these for a week and there are noticeable results. The leftover pimple scar on my nose from April’s period has faded a lot and has become almost invisible at this point. I just use 2-3 drops and apply evenly on my face, or just my trouble spots (i.e. big pore farm such as the nose, acne scar) and I’m all set.

Price-wise, this is value for money. I know serums are concentrated so they are on the steep side (about Php 800++) so this is a good deal. Each dropper bottle costs only Php 390 at Althea Korea.

This is must-try! If you want to give this a shot, you can get up to Php 350 discount on your first online purchase from Althea using my referral link: 

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